What is the project's aim?

This project aims to bring higher education and hospitality and tourism industry closer together digitally. Both industries are having problems because of new technology and social changes, and they urgently need to get better at using digital tools. The COVID-19 pandemic has worsen these issues, impacting the industry and employment. This innovative platform helps digital communication and collaboration between these sectors. Both students and businesses are benefiting, especially those in disadvantaged areas.

The main goals of the project are to:

  • Encourage communication, cooperation, and learning between higher education institutions (HEIs) and the hospitality and tourism industry (HTI)
  • Enhance digital engagement between HEIs and HTI
  • Improve students’ employability
  • Assist industry contributions to curricula
  • Enhance student learning with digital technology
  • Monitor student internships
  • Enhance HEI research capabilities
  • Promote inclusive education
  • Offer continuous professional development for HTI employees
  • Provide proactive research during crises
  • Promote online networks and partnerships

The project intends to connect HEIs and HTI on both a European and international level, promoting best practices.